Wie wir Deine Deine Bestellung versenden

Wir versenden Deine Bestellung generell mit der Österreichischen Post.

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Du möchtest Deine BEstellung mit anderen Optionen versendet haben?

Wenn Du eine andere VErsandmethode wünscht

yourpackage shipped via express delivery, just contact our customer service ( We will inform you quickly about all

possibilities and conditions!

How fast do we ship Your order?

We generally ship Your package on the first business day after you have placed Your order. Exceptions are orders by prepayment, where we ship the package on the first business day after Your payment has reached us.

Is it possible to track my order?

Yes, for sure! After you have placed your order, you will immediately receive all tracking information from us to follow the status of the shipment. So you always know exactly where your package is.

How much time it needs to I will get my order delivered?

Depending on the delivery address due delivery times vary.

Below you will find the usual delivery times to common destinations. Please note that the indicated days are to be understood as working days. If Your location is not listed, just ask us and we will send You quickly the information you need.

Austria 1 - 2
Germany 2 - 4
EU 4 - 6
Rest of Europe 4 - 8
Russia 5 - 15
USA 7 - 9
Australia 6 - 10
China 6 - 10
Japan 8 - 15
New Zealand 4 - 6